studio maternity photo shoot a woman stands in front of a white backdrop with her back arched in an editorial style

Unique Studio Maternity Photo Shoot

Leaning into my unique style as a photographer has been a journey I have walked for quite awhile. When it comes to maternity photo shoots, a lot of the options for professional photos (especially in Minnesota) tend to be closer to the light and airy style. Those photos can be gorgeous, but my style tends to be more bold and editorial.

When Iftin was looking for a maternity photographer, she stumbled upon my instagram profile. It is one of the highest compliments as a photographer to be chosen and hired because of your unique style.

studio maternity photo shoot in an editorial style a woman stands with her hands under her belly and a soft smile
a woman stands smiling in an eden prairie minnesota photo studio for maternity portraits
an expecting couple stand together with his hands around her belly for their studio maternity photo shoot
an expecting couple stand back to back smiling
studio maternity photo shoot in eden prairie minnestota a couple stands, she rests her head on his shoulder and smiles

A Studio Maternity Shoot for the Bold

Iftin and her husband were looking for something a little more bold—so we got them on the books for their studio maternity photo shoot. She came in knowing what she wanted. The couple initially booked a mini session, but we ended up extending the session once they realized they loved so many of the shots we were getting.

My team and I were so proud of the experience we were able to provide for this couple!

a glamorous expecting couple pose in a studio maternity photo shoot in minneapolis minnesota
studio maternity photo shoot in minneapolis minnesota, a glamorous couple pose
a pregnant woman stands in studio with her dress flowing behind her

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot Review

Our pride was validated and our hearts were touched when Iftin left us an amazing review! She mentioned feeling comfortable throughout the shoot. She ended up feeling very grateful that we pushed her a little bit outside of her comfort zone with some of the vision we had for some of the shots that ended up being some of her favorites! I just love when clients trust my vision. It always allows us to create some new and unique photos that my clients tend to treasure.

Your studio maternity photo shoot is going to be more valuable than you could imagine. Let's capture this precious time—in style. Check out info on maternity photo shoots with Nimz Photography and book your session now.

studio maternity photo shoot in minnesota a woman stands glamorously in a spotlight with a hand in her hair