maternity photography session where a woman smiles wearing a pretty gown with a slit up the leg

Amanda’s Maternity Photoshoot

Amanda is a first and last time mom. She was so excited to get in the studio for this shoot!

This was kind of a miracle pregnancy for Amanda!

She’s on the older side (which one may never guess because she is full of energy and radiates youth) for a pregnant mama and wanted to honor how important this time is to her.

Especially for mamas that aren’t planning on having more babies, maternity photography is so valuable in being able to take note and keep close how the pregnancy feels and what it means to you. It’s special to be able to have photos to share with your little one as they grow up or with family and friends who want to share in your excitement.

a pregnant woman looks at the camera while wearing a black blazer and pants for her maternity photography
maternity photography, a woman lounges on a white block while wearing black heels and a black suit
a woman looks up fiercely with a hand on her clavicle while showing her baby bump under a black suit jacket

Boss Mom Maternity Photography

Amanda is works in sales so I thought it would be fun to get some boss mama energy in the studio! We styled her with this black suit jacket and pants. The dramatic open jacket called for some bold, confident poses.

We kept the lighting and scenery really clean and classic. White backdrop, white blocks. The stark contrast of black and white feels glamorous and strong. It shows this more sleek, strong, masculine side of pregnancy in comparison to the soft, feminine side that we usually document.

We loved getting to make her feel powerful and confident. My main goal for every mama I get in the studio is to make her feel comfortable and confident in the space.

a pregnant woman looks up into the light while wearing a flowing rose gown
maternity photography where a woman stands wearing a flowing rose gown with her eyes closed
a pregnant woman looks forward fiercely while wearing an elaborate pearl necklace/top
a pregnant woman smiles while wearing a pearl top and long green skirt

Minneapolis Area Maternity Photography

We had the opportunity to get a little extra creative with this maternity photography session. The gallery as a result is fun and unique to Amanda.

The time truly goes remarkably fast. Each moment is fleeting. We aim to create a visual story to document the authenticity of your adventure into motherhood. You may not enjoy every second of it, but you will want to remember it, to treasure them.

Never take a moment for granted. Do the special things, make yourself feel special.

Book your own maternity photography session now! We will treat your experience with care and give you images deeply rooted in your experience that you can’t get anywhere else.

a woman lays with her weight supported by one arm using the other to cover herself during a maternity photography sessio