a pregnant woman smiles softly while wearing a flowy green tulle dress in front of a burgundy backdrop

Maternity Photography in Studio

Being pregnant is emotional and beautiful and painful and complicated and lovely. It is everything at once.

I find maternity photography to be such a special reason to get creative in the studio. Veena had some specific ideas for her shoot, especially about her colors! It was such a joy to see this new green dress in action. It flows beautifully and creates a wonderful drama. It is quite the photogenic gown—and her long hair compliments it so perfectly!

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a woman rests her hands on her pregnant belly while wearing a blue mermaid dress
maternity photography - a man sits next to his expecting partner as she rests an arm on his shoulder
a pregnant woman looks down while wearing a blue mermaid dress in front of brown seamless paper
a pregnant woman stands wearing a shiny, luxurious dress
maternity photography - a pregnant woman smiles as her shiny orange dress blows in the wind

Backdrops and Color Palettes

We have so many options for backdrops to use at the studio. We are ready for you whether you enjoy the bright and airy, the moody jewel tones, the bold and colorful, or the gorgeous neutrals.

Taking the time to go over these details and what you are drawn to ahead of time really has allowed my maternity shoots to flow and come out with results that are beyond special. Slowing down and leaning into what you are intuitively drawn to is just another way you can appreciate and honor this time in your life.

maternity photography - a pregnant woman with flowing black curls looks down at her belly while wearing pink tulle
maternity photography - an expecting couple smile brightly at each other as they each rest a hand on her belly
a pregnant woman smiles softly while looking over her shoulder wearing a a ruffled pink dress in a photography studio

Maternity Photography in Minneapolis

Maternity photography is something I love getting to capture. It is amazing to live in a time where we actively decide to document this lovely, complicated life stage to remember and look back on. A treasure we may never realize how valuable it is for your child to know and understand what you were feeling while they were becoming a person inside of you.

That is what I work so hard to give to you. That is what you are really prioritizing when you invest in maternity photography. How it feels.

Book your maternity photography session, right now. We are so grateful to get to create with you.

maternity photography - a pregnant woman smiles softly while standing in a photography studio in a flowing green dress