a pregnant mother smiles with her eyes closed during her maternity photos while wearing a cotton candy pink flowy dress

Goddess Maternity Photos

Sudha and her husband came to their consultation meeting bursting with excitement.

Her husband was actually the one that found me! He mentioned that he loved my style of maternity photos. Taking maternity photos in the studio gives us so much room to get creative and create a personal experience.

Initially he didn't want to be in the photos, but we eventually roped him in for a few snaps that ended up being so special to them.

a minnesota maternity photographer captured an expecting mother laying on the floor in a colorful portrait
goddess style maternity photos in this portrait with an expecting mother wearing a flowing dress and golden headpiece
an expecting mother lifts her eyes to the sky with one hand on her belly wearing a purple flowery dress

Sudha's Maternity Photos

For the slightest moment, I worried about Sudha being able to come out of her shell and being able to pose her—then we got started.

The day of the shoot, Sudha brought her husband and a close friend with her to help with makeup and hair. She was surrounded by some of her favorite people and I could tell she felt so comfortable and confident in her skin.

Sudha has the most beautiful features. Through and through she is such a beautiful woman, inside and out. She has this long flowing black hair and amazing skin. It was like posing an actual goddess in front of me.

They had picked some really bright colors to focus on and gave me a lot of creative freedom. Between that, Sudha's natural grace, creating a comfortable environment for her, and the poses I had her move through what we ended up capturing was some unique type of magic.

an expectant mother lifts her face while laying on the ground in a flowy blue dress
an expecting mother sits criss cross in a flowing blue dress with her hands on her belly
an expecting mother stands soaking in the moment wearing a sliky blue dress

Minnesota Maternity Photographer

Sudha and her husband were so happy with the session and so was I! The backdrops I set up and the lighting we played with—including a gel for some more colorful shots—ended up giving this beautiful, dramatic goddess-like set up that was perfect to celebrate this stage in their family. Together, we picked the photos included in their package and that was a wrap!

Some photos from this session were even featured in Lensational Magazine and even landed the cover! It is such an honor.

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an expecting couple stand together in a photo studio with their hands on her belly
a woman smiles with her hands on her hips while wearing a fluffy pink dress
a woman poses for maternity photos in a flowery purple dress
an expecting mother smiles over her shoulder in a cotton candy pink dress in a photo studio
an expecting mother looking like a goddess poses for maternity photos with her hands supporting her belly