Meet Jena

Jena Holliday is an incredibly talented full-time artist, author, entrepreneur, and storyteller based in Minnesota. She is the creator and owner of Spoonful of Faith illustration and design studio. With just a bit of faith, she walked away from her mainstream marketing job to embrace her passion for art. What started as a hobby eventually evolved into a full-time commitment to spreading kindness and hope through her artwork and words. That commitment blossomed into a blog and shop, aptly named Spoonful of Faith, and has thus become not only a successful business but a cultural beacon. Her work is characterized by a whimsical, playful style that celebrates the beauty and diversity of life.

Jens's illustrations are a testament to her creativity and imagination. She brings characters to life with her bold use of color, shape, and texture, creating vivid and memorable images that capture the spirit of joy and wonder. Her work often features strong, empowered women, children, and animals, showcasing the importance of diversity and representation in art.

In addition to her illustrations, Holliday is also an author and creative mama, sharing her insights and experiences with her followers through her blog and social media. Her passion for dreaming big and uplifting others is evident in everything she does, and her work serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of art and creativity.

Jena has received great recognition from her local community. She has received two artist grant awards from the Minnesota State Arts Board in 2019 and 2021, as well as an award from the Minnesota Regional Arts Council in 2019 to further her career in art and storytelling. She wants her journey and her illustrations to motivate others, especially women, to face fear and find their voice in this world. Jena’s debut author-illustrated book, A Spoonful of Faith (HarperCollins), released in 2022. She and her husband Adrian love finding laughs in every day and are grateful parents to their two children.

Whether she's crafting whimsical illustrations, writing inspiring books, or sharing her insights as a creative mama, Jena Holliday is a true inspiration. Her work reminds us to celebrate the beauty and diversity of life and to embrace our own creativity and imagination in all that we do.

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Instagram: aspoonfuloffaith