a girl dressed in a winter onederland theme smiles in front of a green backdrop

Smash Cake Winter Onederland

A winter storm birth one year to a smash cake winter onederland the next.

This sweet girl was born in the middle of a winter storm. I can't begin to imagine what that must have been like for her parents. With strong winds, bitter cold, and blustering snow, there had to be some degree of peril. All was right with the world when this bubbly angel arrived in the precious calm after the storm.

And so, her winter storm birth became the inspiration for her one year photoshoot.

a baby smiles from a tiny bathtub
smash cake winter onderland, where a baby puts her hand to her mouth while covered in cake
a girl smiles while sitting in a tiny sleigh for a winter onederland themed photoshoot
a baby sits in front of a smash cake winter onederland themed for a photoshoot

The Winter Onederland Photo Shoot

It all worked out wonderfully for me! I'd been secretly hoping to put together a winter onederland photo shoot for ages. I walked away from their consultation absolutely beaming.

Finally, getting to ignite my spark of winter creativity, I immediately found myself gathering props and enjoying every second of it.

The details can be my favorite part. The vision came together so naturally. When the day came for the shoot, nothing could bring me down.

This girl was so happy to be there. She was bubbly and laughing all day, and I mean all day.

She had a blast digging into her cake and had the time of her life laughing in the tiny bathtub. I couldn't have asked for a happier baby.

a baby smiles with a spoon covered in frosting during her smash cake winter onederland photoshoot
a baby smiles from a tiny bathtub while holding a wooden toy
from her winter onederland, a baby smiles brightly with her arms raised while sitting in a tiny sleigh
a baby sits curiously behind a cake
a baby gently puts cake in her mouth at her smash cake winter onederland
a baby laughs while holding a wooden toy in a tiny bathtub

Minnesota Cake Smash Photographer

Every time I have a little one in my studio for a cake smash, I am reminded how important it is to document this time. The cake smash tradition may seem frivolous at times, but it is truly so valuable to prioritize the one year milestone.

Chances are, the past year has flown by. You could have sworn it was just yesterday that they were born. You don't get any of that time back. You can, however, preserve them at their best. We can plan a cute photoshoot to capture them while giving them some space to just be as they are.

So, don't take it for granted. Book your cake smash now.

in winter onederland, a baby girl smiles while wearing a green dress, cream bow, and cream fur jacket

Outfit Details

We found the cutest outfits for this shoot! They are from Belle Threads, such a precious boutique!

Shop Belle Threads

Cake Details

My favorite baker in Eden Prairie, MN is Vuthy behind A Forgetful Baker! She always serves us so well.

Visit A Forgetful Baker's Website

a baby smiles while wearing a green tulle dress while sitting next to a red ornament and a tiny white and gold sleigh